Education Materials

Silicone Typodonts

Class I Crowding (pink)
Class II div 2 (green)
After 6 anterior alignment (blue)
After canine retraction (orange)
After En Masse retraction (yellow)
Normal occlusion (white)

Soft Resin Typodonts

type A for comprehensive treatment
type B for minor tooth movement


upper and lower teeth
Typodonts Holder
sample model

Silicone Typodont Sets (STS) (Typodant + Resin teeth) - 6kinds

Example of Step by Step Exercise

Soft Resin Typodont (SRT) for microimplant exercise

Typodant Tooth Set (TS)

Sample Model (SM) After placing microimplant

Typodont Holders (TH)

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