Heat Induction Typodont System

How to Use & Caution

1.Attach same kind of metal teeth to the temperature sensor using non mental auxiliaries (tape stc).
2.Turn on the “POWER” switch (do not turn of “POWER” switch before turning off the “START” switch)
3.Place the plastic typodont into the squre box.
-The square box can be divided into upper and lower parts too. So, control and experimental samples can be
placeed into the box together for research purposes.
-For research purposes, the typodont lodge can be divided into upper & lower parts as mentioned. So, control
and experimental samples could receive the same amount of heat.
4.Turn on the “START” switch.
5.Setting the temperature (around 55°C-60°C):To set the temperature, push the “SET”button, Then the temperature
can be adjusted with arrowhead shaped button. After setting the temperature, push the “SET” button again. Ideal
temperatures will be different depending on the kinds of metal teeth and wax. So,We have to idealize suitable
temperature depending on the conditions. Also, the indicated temperature is not as precise as the real
temperature of metal root.
6.When you finished work, please turn off “START” switch first and then turn off “POWER” switch in this order.


Electric cablee

Free voltage (100-220V), Free Hertz(50-60Hz)

Induction heater

Power switch
Start switch
Temperature sensor
Voltage indicator
Temperature indicator & control switch
Typodont lodge with separating plate


Plastic articulator
Mental teeth

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