Electronic Typodont


Electirc adapter with cable

AC 90V~240V, 1200mA, 15W


Articulator:Upper and lower Typodant bodies can be moved in any direction
Body:Each Upper and Lower Typodant body has 3 “on-off” switches to supply curernt to the posterior and 6
anterior teeth.
Teeth:Upper & Lower 1st premolars are not connected to the current.
Wax:General base plate wax.


Drill:dia 1.2mm (use lower than 500 rpm on the plastic)
Screw:12ea (dia 1.3mm, length 6mm)
Screw driver:1ea
Mini Plate:6ea


The teeth are aligned in class I occlusion without crowding. However, they can be re-arranged to other malocclusions. The teeth can be moved about 5mm in any direction from the original position.
The teeth will start to move 3~5 minutes after electrical current application when the power is turned on.
If the current applied for a long time, the wax will melt excessively. Therefore, once the desired tooth
movement is attained, the power should be turned off.
Do not immerse the typodont in water for cooling.

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